8th Hole Improvement

Access to & Use of Temporary Tee
Construction Work on improving the 8th Hole is due to start on 22nd July. Once it does the 8th Hole Temporary Tee, at the top of the hill by the 11th Tee, will be used by men & ladies for both casual, rollup & competition play. The yardage from the 8th Temporary Tee to the current 8th Green is 85 yards. Use of this temporary tee will not effect competitions and therefore will not make the course ineligible for qualifiers due to the reduced yardage. In addition playing off mats does not affect qualifiers.

During the month long construction access to the Temporary 8th Hole has been provisionally planned as follows but will be finalised nearer the time.

• In the weekdays access from the 7th Green will be back along the path towards the 4th Green, across the 12th fairway to the bottom of the 11th fairway path by the 11th green and then up the 11th path to the temporary 8th Tee. To ensure we protect players coming up the 11th path to the temporary 8th Tee we will have a temporary 11th Tee in place, with warning sign, to provide proper visibility to those on the 11th tee of players coming up the 11th path towards the temporary 8th Tee.

• Over the weekends (& once construction has been completed) access to the 8th Hole Temporary Tee will be as normal. i.e Along the path from the 7th green past the current 8th hole tees, across the 12th fairway & up the hill past the ladies tee where the new green will be.

As part of the 8th Hole Project the area below the path will be regraded to improve the slope to help playability & access for maintenance by the green staff. This will not effect the closely mowed area of the 12th fairway but will reduce the rough area. There should be no noticeable difference to play for the 12th Hole.

Tim Gould
8th Hole Project Manager