New 8th Hole – Opening 2020

A spectacular Amphitheatre Green at Chiltern Forest

Our old 8th Hole, “The Badger”, was often the subject of much discussion in and around the club with both members and visitors alike. It’s a well-known hole that’s generally remembered for the wrong reasons. That has now changed.

Two significant alterations have been made to improve the hole in order to create a signature hole that “becomes playable by all, a more enjoyable experience and something to be remembered for the right reasons”.

There’s now a breath-taking amphitheatre style green within the escarpment where the previous ladies tee was located. This new green is of modern design, contoured, two tiered and double the size of the original green.

We also have a new tee built into the woods behind the existing tees. It is level with the new green so you can see where your ball lands and it’s of a size that can accommodate play from not only white but yellow and red tees too.

So, we now have a hole of some 140 yards carry across the 12th fairway. A fabulous new challenge for all.

All holes are back in play now the 8th Hole improvement work has finished. While the new green and tee settle in, we have a challenging 90 yard par 3 for the 8th Hole that utilises the original green. Surprisingly few make it on in one!

From the photos below you can see the significant progress the hole has made and we anticipate opening it up for some play, competitions and the like, from June / July onward.

Please come and see the new 8th hole while you are experiencing an enjoyable and challenging round of 18 holes on a course that’s in superb condition. If you’re thinking of joining Chiltern Forest Golf Club then we’d be delighted to have you on board.

New Green – December 2019

New Green (December 2019)


New Green – August 2019

Fairway to Green – December 2019

Fairway to Green (December 2019)


Fairway to Green – August 2019

Tee to Green – December 2019

Tee to Green (December 2019)


Tee to Green – August 2019

New Tee – December 2019

Looking Back  - Green to Tee (December 2019)


New Tee – August 2019

New Tee

Looking Back – Green to Tee (December 2019)

Looking Back  - Green to Tee (December 2019)