Covid-19 Protocols

COVID-19 Protocols

#PlaySafe #StaySafe

Playing our course in a responsible and safe way

Safeguarding measures for playing our course


As the Covid pandemic continues it is essential that golfers continue to act responsibly and adhere to government and Club advice at all times. See the links below for the government’s guidance:

This guide outlines the measures the Club has taken to safeguard our staff, members and visitors during the COVID-19 pandemic. The measures cover each step of the journey from home to 1st tee, on the course and back home again. These measures are mandatory and must be followed at all times. Failure to comply with them or with a request from a member of staff, starter or marshal will result in penalties being imposed on the individual concerned.

Our measures and procedures are under constant review. They will be updated as advice from government, health authorities and the sport’s governing bodies evolves.

Updated 27/07/2020.

Course Access

Members, Members’ guests and visitors are welcome at the Club.

To access the course, a player must be:

  • a paid up Member of CFGC
  • a Member’s guest
  • a Visitor

And must:

  • Not be in self-isolation
  • Not be displaying COVID-19 symptoms
  • Have a pre-reserved tee time
Booking and Arrival
  • Booking a tee time in advance is compulsory – via website, Members’ hub, or phone.
    • Members may book in themselves and a fellow member up to 7 days in advance
    • Members may book in their guest up to 7 days in advance by phone
    • Visitors may book and pre-pay on-line
  • Tee times are limited to singletons, two balls or three balls – strictly no 4 balls
  • There is no limit to the number of times you may play a week
    • We require all guests and visitors to provide a phone number and email address to enable contact tracing. Members’ guests will be tracked via the member
  • Golf equipment should be washed regularly
  • Golfers should travel to the Club alone, or with a member of the same household
  • Ensure social distancing in the car park – leave as much room as possible between cars
  • Arrive at the Club no more than 20 minutes prior to the reserved tee time
  • Players should arrive ready to play and change shoes in the car park
  • Observe social distancing and do not mingle
  • All areas of the clubhouse are closed except the patio and changing room toilets
  • Players must provide their own golf clubs
  • Being accompanied by a non-playing companion:
  • A solo golfer may be accompanied by either up to two non-playing, household members, or one non-playing person from outside their household. In the case of the latter example, social distancing rules must be observed
  • Groups of two golfers from the same household may be accompanied by one, non-playing person from the same household
  • Sanitised trolleys and buggies are available for hire. They must only be used by one person and carry one set of clubs, unless they are being shared by two people from the same household when two sets of clubs can be carried. A buggy must never carry more than two people.
  • Buggies must be pre-booked and will only be made available if they have been disinfected between use
  • Family groups of mother/father and child under 12 or parent and two children under 12 may share a buggy ( but the children must not drive and one person must be walking)
Check-In and Golf Shop Protocol
  • Members, guests and visitors must speak to the marshal in the car park or the shop by phone to check in. If no one is there, sign the book in the porch with your own pen/pencil
  • Any item you require from the shop will be brought to the door and placed on a table
  • Maintain social distancing when picking up items – only one person on the steps at a time
  • Payment should be made on-line or by card (contactless) – no cash
  • Scorecards are available from the table in the entrance
  • Members, visitors and marshals must not enter the clubhouse or shop, other than the patio and toilets that are open at certain times, for any reason
To The First Tee
  • You may only play as the grouping booked in advance or with the shop
  • A 1 tee start is being used – this may vary between the 1st and 10th tee with games starting at 10 minute intervals. These times are to be strictly observed
  • Practice facilities may only be used by those about to play. Practice by itself is not allowed.
  • The putting green is, limited to 2 players. Players must observe social distancing
  • Practice areas are open, but use your own balls. Only one net will be open. Players practicing must observe social distancing
  • Arrive at the start tee no more than 5 minutes prior to the reserved tee time
  • A ‘Social Distancing Marshal’ will patrol the car park, first tees and practice areas
  • Social spacing signage identifies the 1st and 10th tee waiting areas
  • Any player(s) not following directions will be asked to leave the course
On The Course
  • Observe social distancing throughout, particularly on tees and greens
  • Social spacing signage identifies waiting areas on tee box approaches
  • Divot boxes have been removed 
  • Ball washers have been removed or covered over
  • Bunker rakes have been removed 
  • The 3rd and 17th are compulsory call up holes. The 8th and 15th are not
  • Ball lifters on flags have been installed for simple, contact-free ball retrieval – do not touch or remove the flag
  • Once a hole is completed, the group in front must have exited the tee box before players can progress to the next hole
  • Unless you are playing in a formal competition, do not double back to play again if a ball is lost, unplayable, or in a penalty area
  • Equipment, food, and drink must not be exchanged between players
  • Players must not pick up another player’s equipment or golf ball
  • Players must refrain from handshakes and high fives
  • The bell is disabled on the 11th Ring it after putting out (not before as in normal times) using your club
  • The signal is disabled on the 16th Do not play to the green until called up by the group ahead, who after putting out will walk back and call up the group behind.
  • Gates between the 16th green and 17th tee must be left open.

Please respect the directions given to you by our staff, starter and marshals and please do not approach the green keepers. Anyone who uses abusive, threatening or intimidating behaviour to a Starter/Marshal will be asked to leave the course immediately and will be reported to the Management Committee.

Catering and Bar

The Club has reopened catering and bar services, albeit with a limited menu. When operating:

  • Consumption will be in the outside areas only
  • Members and visitors may use the patio providing there are available seats. No more than four people per table. Wait to be served.  Do not enter the clubhouse.
  •  If there is no seat on the patio, use the barrels. No more than three people, standing, per barrel. Order and pick up from the serving points on the wall
  • The toilets will be open when the bar is open:
    • Access and exit by the changing room outside doors only
    • Two people at a time maximum
    • No access through clubhouse
  • When the bar is closed the toilets will be closed
Post Round
  • Any Member or Visitor developing post-round health issues or COVID-19 related symptoms must call Golf Services on 01296 631267 or email as soon as possible so that those that they may have come into contact with can be informed
Penalties For Non-Observance Of These Protocols
  • Visitors will be asked to leave the course and not return for 3 months
  • Members will be suspended from the club for 7 days for the first offence and up to three months for the second