Course Playing Guide

Course Playing Guide

Find out more about our holes in our detailed descriptions

We offer a challenging parkland golf course that will test golfers of all abilities.

Our course ensures every hole is different and we are constantly improving elements on our course to enhance your golfing experience.

Hole-by-Hole Descriptions

Hole 1 Chiltern Forest Golf CluvFirst impressions count and the first hole at Chiltern Forest Golf Club will entice you from the outset. On this hole you will need to decide which club to use at this short downhill, 250 yard, Par 4 hole. Remember, when it comes to club selection you will need to take into account the bunkers either side to ensure you get your round off to a good start.
Hole 1 – Statistics
White 251 Yds, S.I. 18
Tot. Rounds:    4932
Eagles or Better:    10
Birdies:    446
Pars:    2244
Bogies:    1569
Double Bogies or Worse:    663
Hole 2 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubSet out in an area of outstanding natural beauty, the second hole lets you appreciate the setting of this magnificient golf course. The tee is a Par 4 and is 355 yards. The hole carries across the 12th fairway in a valley below to an uphill fairway and the green beyond.
Hole 2 – Statistics
White 353 Yds, S.I. 2
Tot. Rounds:    4908
Eagles or Better:    1
Birdies:    104
Pars:    1140
Bogies:    2059
Double Bogies or Worse:    1604
Hole 3 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis Par 3 hole has recently been re-modelled to ensure golfers have the best possible experience. This hole has a raised green which is easily missed on the left and at the front. Any wayward shots to the right will end up in the woodland.
Hole 3 – Statistics
White 172 Yds, S.I. 10
Tot. Rounds: 4902
Eagles or Better: 3
Birdies: 166
Pars: 1556
Bogies: 1959
Double Bogies or Worse: 1218
Hole 4 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis 476 yard, Par 5 starts with a narrow exit from the tee to a slight dog leg left, with the fairway dropping away to the right. With a long narrow green guarded by bunkers either side you will need to ensure you are on form to beat the challenge that the hole represents.
Hole 4 – Statistics
White 472 Yds, S.I. 14
Tot. Rounds: 4840
Eagles or Better: 25
Birdies: 618
Pars: 1840
Bogies: 1353
Double Bogies or Worse: 1004
Hole 5 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis hole is considered a straight-forward uphill 313 yard, Par 4 hole with no bunkers. It is a chance to appreciate the setting which Chiltern Forest Golf Club provides with stunning distance views back towards Mentmore.
Hole 5 – Statistics
White 309 Yds, S.I. 8
Tot. Rounds: 4822
Eagles or Better: 0
Birdies: 176
Pars: 1396
Bogies: 1900
Double Bogies or Worse: 1350
Hole 6 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis hole is a contender for the title of signature hole. This Par 4, 303 yards demands a plan to negotiate the three bunkers guarding the green. Once you get onto the green, there is one test left which again will test your technique – a final putting challenge.
Hole 6 – Statistics
White 307 Yds, S.I. 16
Tot. Rounds: 4879
Eagles or Better: 2
Birdies: 285
Pars: 2091
Bogies: 1652
Double Bogies or Worse: 849
Hole 7 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubHole 7 is a Par 4, dog leg left and a hole where club selection is critical. A top tip for this hole is to ensure you don’t tee off too long as you’ll end up in the woods beyond the fairway and the ramp down to green will speed the ball through the green.
Hole 7 – Statistics
White 343 Yds, S.I. 12
Tot. Rounds: 4846
Eagles or Better: 0
Birdies: 129
Pars: 1511
Bogies: 1946
Double Bogies or Worse: 1260

The new 8th hole at Chiltern Forest plays much easier than the old 8th hole as you no longer have to navigate your way up the steep  hill. That being said, this hole is not a walk in the park. The green is quite shallow so club selection is key, as is judging the sometime strong crosswinds that can blow even the best struck shot off course. 

Hole 9 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubFinishing the front nine is this 424 yard, Par 4 hole. This hole has its own challenges which an uphill incline, leading nicely onto the back nine holes of your round.
Hole 9 – Statistics
White 419 Yds, S.I. 4
Tot. Rounds: 4723
Eagles or Better: 0
Birdies: 25
Pars: 405
Bogies: 1598
Double Bogies or Worse: 2695
Hole 10 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubHole 10 is 379 yards and invites you to drive long down a picturesque fairway. Just be aware of the out of bounds to the left and woodland down the right.
Hole 10 – Statistics
White 376 Yds, S.I. 9
Tot. Rounds: 4855
Eagles or Better: 1
Birdies: 168
Pars: 1594
Bogies: 1930
Double Bogies or Worse: 1162
Hole 11 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis demanding Par 4 hole will test your accuracy as a blind shot is required to get to the green. What type of golfer are you? Are you a risky golfer who will play a long straight drive to the green or will you play safe as laying up might be the safer option?
Hole 11 – Statistics
White 305 Yds, S.I. 15
Tot. Rounds: 4811
Eagles or Better: 19
Birdies: 495
Pars: 1820
Bogies: 1519
Double Bogies or Worse: 958
Hole 12 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis Par 5 hole is set in the lowest part of the golf course and gives golfers a big fairway to aim at off the elevated tee. There is a narrow entry to a fast green that slopes right to left making it a difficult approach to end up below the hole.
Hole 12 – Statistics
White 536 Yds, S.I. 3
Tot. Rounds: 4780
Eagles or Better: 4
Birdies: 117
Pars: 972
Bogies: 1750
Double Bogies or Worse: 1937

Hole 13 – Statistics

335 Yds, S.I. 5

Your tee shot must be kept to left side of the fairway for the best view into this tucked away green as anything to the right will be blocked by the over hanging trees. The green has two tiers and it is important you find the tier that the flag is on or you will face a difficult putt across the green. 


Hole 14 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis Par 4 hole requires a straight but not necessarily a long drive down the middle to avoid woodland on either side. Your second shot will then need to go straight to a raised green that slopes front to back.
Hole 14 – Statistics
White 353 Yds, S.I. 11
Tot. Rounds: 4765
Eagles or Better: 1
Birdies: 76
Pars: 1165
Bogies: 1926
Double Bogies or Worse: 1597
Hole 15 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis hole is a short Par 3 uphill hole to a raised green that demands a solid strike to ensure you reach the putting surface. Short of the green will leave a tricky chip up the bank to the green that slopes front to back.
Hole 16 – Statistics
White 116 Yds, S.I. 17
Tot. Rounds: 4850
Eagles or Better: 2
Birdies: 302
Pars: 2190
Bogies: 1621
Double Bogies or Worse: 735
Hole 16 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis Par 4, stroke index 1 hole lives up to status as the toughest hole on the golf course. An accurate tee shot is required through the narrow gap to the base of the hill.
Hole 16 – Statistics
White 372 Yds, S.I. 1
Tot. Rounds: 4641
Eagles or Better: 0
Birdies: 48
Pars: 465
Bogies: 1495
Double Bogies or Worse: 2633
Hole 17 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubThis hole is a stunning long Par 3 and is one of the golf course’s original holes. The hole starts off with a shot from tee to green down a narrow fairway that slopes left to right to an even narrower target.
Hole 17 – Statistics
White 213 Yds, S.I. 7
Tot. Rounds: 4746
Eagles or Better: 0
Birdies: 32
Pars: 667
Bogies: 2085
Double Bogies or Worse: 1962
Hole 18 Chiltern Forest Golf ClubFinally back to the top of the course to finish with this cracking Par 4. There is plenty to think about here. Too far right off the tee risks being out of bounds or a shot to the green from the bank above the fairway. Too far left and you’ll back down on the 17th. The fairway has two longitudinal levels, the lower level often feeding down into to bunker. The approach shot to the green is all uphill often from hanging lies to the green above you.
Hole 18 – Statistics
White 312 Yds, S.I. 13
Tot. Rounds: 4713
Eagles or Better: 0
Birdies: 171
Pars: 1496
Bogies: 1882
Double Bogies or Worse: 1164

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