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We have a fostering culture where junior members are welcome, encouraged and developed.

Junior Golfer Learning

Why should you join chiltern forest

Learn about golf

We will help you learn about golf in a way that makes you enjoy the sport and ensures you can progress competitively or socially as a player.

Build self confidence

There is no better way to build confidence that by doing something that you love. At Chiltern Forest we ensure that you develop friendships and a sense of belonging.

help your social skills

Being a member of our club will mean that you will be recognised as part of our loyal membership base. Through talking with members you can grow your social skills.

gain greater focus

Playing golf regularly will give you a greater focus on the game and give you something which is both healthy and enjoyable to focus on.

Make New friends

We will provide you the means to mix with the other junior members and help you foster friendships with new like-minded people.

build a bond

Maybe you are wanting to take up golf as you have a friend or family member who is already a member of Chiltern Forest. This is an opportunity to do something you both love - together.

increase your energy

There is no better way to get fit and active than playing a sport in the great outdoors. Playing golf regularly will give you more energy and greater physical ability.

enjoy all the benefits

By being a junior of the club you will receive all the member benefits including xxxxxx, xxxxxx, xxxxx and xxxxx.

current offer

We don't currently have any offers - check back soon!

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Want to play now? Book a tee time online

You can book a tee time online at Chiltern Forest Golf Club. We have a number of great value tee time available throughout the year, just for you.

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